COVID-19 🦠 updates and new policies 

We want to remind you all to not panic, please wash your hands, and stay at home if you or your family members are sick! If you are well, please limit your outings to public places as well as visiting other people’s homes if possible. We agree with these social distancing measures such as school closures because they will slow down the spread to protect those who are higher risk. The majority of cases of COVID-19 are mild and have a full recovery, especially in children, however the elderly, immunocompromised, and those with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes are at higher risk.  

We have instituted new policies during this public health concern with COVID-19.  Please know that these changes are for the community and your family’s protection, but also for our providers and staff.  

🗓 MAKING APPOINTMENTS – We will be asking screening questions on the phone as well as once you arrive in order to identify high risk patients.

🧪 TESTING – There is an extreme shortage of tests nationwide, so we continue to follow CDC and state guidelines for testing which are strict at this time. This means we can not test just if requested or for mild cold symptoms.  Remember, there is no medication for this virus, so even if you were shown to have it but your illness is mild, we would recommend the same things that we do for cold/flu – fluids, rest, and isolation!

👩🏻‍⚕️YOUR VISIT – We are allowing only one parent or guardian to accompany a child to their visit. Also, please do not bring other children who do not have an appointment, if at all possible. This just increases everyone’s potential exposure and goes against the social distancing that is being recommended.  Again this is for your protection as much as ours. 

🤕WALK-INS – No walk-in appointments are allowed

😷PATIENT MASKS – We will give a mask to your child only if they are sick. These basic masks only help decrease the spread of droplets if you are sick – they do not prevent you breathing in germs as they do not seal around the face. The CDC does not recommend them for people who are well.

😷PROVIDER MASKS – Our providers and staff may soon start wearing special N95 masks. These type of masks do offer some protection for inhaling droplets. Unfortunately we have an extremely limited supply and we are unable to even order any more. The masks will help protect us so that we can continue working, but also, protect YOU and your family.  We come in contact with a lot of children, both sick and well, and we are at higher risk of both catching and being carriers for infection (you can be contagious prior to showing symptoms!)

💉 CHECKUPS – We still recommend keeping checkup appointments at this time. Vaccines are important! We are sanitizing often and try to keep well checks and newborns in specific rooms. However, if you’d like to reschedule, please call us….we have had a lot of no-shows, which limits our ability to see patients who need to be seen.

If you are concerned you or your child has COVID-19, due to recent travel, or exposure to a person with known COVID-19, there are other resources available as well:

1. Wilson County health department – 252-237-3141

2. NC Dept of Health and Human services (DHHS) and Poison Control partnered to have a COVID-19 hotline – 866-462-3821

3. UNC hotline – 888-850-2684